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About Our Club
Tip Top Bass Club

Our Charter

The TIP TOP BASS CLUB is affiliated with Bass Anglers Sportsman's Society and The Texas Bass Federation. We are located in Dalhart,Tx. It is in the northwest corner of the Texas Panhandle. Our closest lake is Ute Lake in Logan,NM.

History of Our Club

Our club was started sometime in 1986 in Texline,Texas by Junior Howell. It came to be called TEXLINE BASS CLUB. Texline isn't a very big place and the amount of people interested in Bass fishing was somewhat small so in 1987 it was decided to move the club to Dalhart where it remains today. When it moved to Dalhart the name was changed to TIP TOP BASS CLUB. There were 9 anglers in the club and out of the 9 there are still 5 active members. In the early 1990's there were as many as 40 members in the club, as of January,2002 there are approximately 24 active members.

Our Club Officers

Tom Jessop-President
Bobby Thomas-Vice President
Gene Lowry-Secretary
Randy Bradford-Treasurer
Vic Chandler-Records
Rande Kelley-Tournament Director-Webmaster